Practice Nights

Practice Nights in East Cheshire Branch

The two tables below show the practice nights for all of the towers in our branch. However, there are a few qualifications:

  • Practices on Monday at Burbage (Buxton) are sometimes cancelled if they are short of ringers. Call either Sue Lomas or Alan Kirk (01298 24667) in advance to confirm they are ringing.

  • There are no regular practices at Chelford.

  • Practices at Macclesfield (St Michael) are on Thursday night by arrangement.

  • Practices on Thursday night at Macclesfield (St Peter) are irregular. Call ahead to confirm they are ringing.

  • There are no regular practices at Mobberly.

  • On the first Friday of every month, the band at Poynton (St George) practice tunes on hand bells for the last hour of their normal practice.

  • On the 4th Wednesday of the month, the band at Rostherne go to Great Budworth to join their practice (they or some of their ringers come to Rostherne on the 2nd Wednesday). They often have to cancel a practice because of a shortage of ringers, so please check in advance.

  • There are no regular practices at Stalybridge (Holy Trinity)

  • Practices at Stockport (St Mary) are monthly on a pre-arranged Sunday [see Programme]

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Two Views of Practices in East Branch

The grid below allows you to choose the number of bells and the practice night. If you then click on a particular tower, it will open up the Dove's guide entry. If you're interested in the contact details for a particular tower, please look them up on the Contacts page. Only nine towers are shown at a time, so to scroll to the next or previous set, click on the > or < in the upper right corner of the directory. Note that the towers are also colour coded - white boxes for 6 bell towers, a pale blue for 8 bell towers, a pale indigo for 10 bell towers, and a pale deep purple for our only 12 bell tower. The shadings are very subtle, but obvious once you have seen them. The first nine churches are either 6 or 8 bells, and the next nine churches are either 8, 10 or 12 bell towers. So if you look at the first two pages of the listing, you'll see the differences. If you want to print any directory entry, just click on the three vertical dots in the upper right and then click on Printer.

The table at the very bottom of this page is a sorted list of towers. The sorting sequence is as follows: Practice Night, Number of Bells, and Weight of the Tenor. So, if you wanted to ring on a Thursday, go down the list until you see Thursday. Then decide how many bells you want to ring [the next column] - you have a choice of three 6 bell towers, five 8 bell towers, and one 12 bell tower. Finally, within each of those categories, the towers have been sorted according to the weight of the tenor. This is a handy table to keep in your pocket or diary, as it tells you the practice night and times for all the towers in the branch. For that reason, this table is also available as a single sheet of A4 that you can fold up and stick in your wallet. Click here to download it.

Sorted List of Towers

[Sorted by Practice Night, Number of Bells, and Weight of the Tenor]