Nearby Towers

The map below shows the towers that are roughly within 100km (roughly a 1 hour drive) of the Chester Diocesan Guild towers. There are almost 1000 of them!!

The towers in East Branch towers are marked by the blue circles. The other towers in the Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers [CDGCBR] are marked by the green circles. The orange circles are the remaining nearby towers.

Not surprisingly, more information is available about CDGCBR towers. For example, we are unable to provide the contact details for the towers outside our guild. The details for the CDGCBR towers have been taken directly from the guild 2018 annual report, but have not been confirmed individually by the towers [those confirmations are pending]. The rest of the data was extracted primarily from Dove's Guide, but we were able to add additional information from neighbouring ringing associations - specifically, North Wales, Lancashire, Derby, Lichfield & Walsall, and North Staffordshire. If you click on any of the circles [towers], you will get that additional information about the towers.