There are 34 towers in the East Cheshire branch. The map below shows where they all are. Note that every tower is marked as a blue numbered circle, with a small black number beneath it. That small number is obviously the number of bells in the tower. If you click on the number of any tower in the map, you'll get a brief summary about that tower and some contact details.

This map was generated using Google Maps. Because of this, you can download this map onto your smart phone by simply clicking here. If you want to get a bigger picture and see the other [non East branch] towers in the area, be sure to visit our Big Map.

Further down this page, you'll also see the directory of towers and their names [the tower number corresponding to the map is shown in parentheses]. You can also scroll down the list by clicking on the < and > icons. If you want to print the directory, click on the printer icon in the lower left of the frame.

Do also look at the Map page! There you will be see a map of the towers in the branch where you can search by the number of bells and/or practice nights. The markers are also colour coded, so you can visually see where the nearest 6 or 8 bell tower is for your location. If you don't need a map, go to the Contacts or Practices pages to search by the number of bells and/or practice nights. The Map page helps you see where the towers are relative to one another, and it works best on laptop or desktop computers.

Webmaster's Warning: The information in the table is currently being updated.